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Trouble sleeping? Try CBN.

Cannabis has been used around the globe for millennia for its myriad medicinal properties. And while you’re likely familiar with the effects of THC, the plant’s main psychoactive component, the potential benefits of the plant’s minor cannabinoids like CBN have gained a lot of interest in recent years.

What is CBN, you ask? It’s the "sleepytime" cannabinoid. Nighty, night. 🛌

CBN, or cannabinol, is a mildly psychoactive compound that’s produced as the plant oxidizes and THC converts to CBN. And when consumed in moderate doses, CBN does not produce a "high" like its better-known counterpart. Though unlike CBD, which is entirely non-psychoactive, CBN in larger doses can produce very mild psychoactive effects.

CBN Cannabinol Molecular Structure
CBN Molecular Structure

But most interestingly, CBN has been shown to have sedative properties, making it a natural choice for those looking to improve their sleep and overall well-being. And unlike some traditional sleep aids, CBN is non-habit-forming and tends not to leave you with a lingering hangover the following morning.

When it comes to choosing a CBN product, full-spectrum is the way to go. Full-spectrum CBN products are derived from the whole cannabis plant and contain all its naturally occurring therapeutic compounds, like other minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids—not just isolated CBN.

And when consumed, these compounds work harmoniously together to create the highly esteemed entourage effect, where each individual compound is amplified by the others.

Like our homeslice device Aristotle professed in the way back: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Full-spectrum is our jammy jam. We’ve been beating that drum since we launched in 2017 and even based our colorful spectrum logo on that very pillar. And today we’re stoked to announce the addition of a full-spectrum CBN vape to our lineup!

Meet our new Moon Beam Sleepytime CBN Cart made with flower sun grown by Moon Made Farms in Southern Humboldt County.

These just hit the market and should be available soon at your fave local retailer, and we’ll be adding it to our direct delivery menu very soon!

Not into inhalables? Don't fret! We also offer this stellar strain as a full-spectrum tincture which you can find near you here or purchase for direct delivery here if you live in San Diego, Greater LA or the Bay Area.

Catch those Zs! ✌️ 💜 😴



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