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Kick It Old School With Chemistry and the Waldos on 4/20 [Press Release]

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

[Oakland, CA April 15, 2019] Oakland-based Chemistry and the 420 Waldos once again invite you on a most righteous journey back in time on 4/20 with this year's 1971: A Vintage Cannabis Experience special release full-spectrum vape cartridge.

Not familiar with the Waldos? They're the group of wisecracking Northern California teenagers who originally coined the term "420 Louis?" (eventually dropping the "Louis") back in the early '70s. And while a handful of 420 origin stories exist, the Waldos' version has been verified by several credible news organizations over the years.

Here's the abbreviated version: In 1971 the Waldos gathered everyday at 4:20 p.m. to hatch a plan. And there at the foot of the Louis Pasteur statue on the campus of San Rafael High School in Marin County, they embarked on a legendary mission to harvest a secret garden of coastal grown grass and forever left their mark on Spaceship Earth.

The Waldos never found that mythical patch of weed, but don't trip because this year the Chemistry team jumped in their time machine to bring back a legendary cannabis strain: Panama Red.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the founding fathers of 420 on weed’s high holiday! Details below.

"Back in 1971, the Waldos were discovering stronger types of weed and one of them was Panama Red," said Waldo Dave Reddix. "Now almost 50 years later we're revisiting the good times we had with this fantastic strain back in the day."

"Mention Panama Red in front of any baby boomer who enjoyed an occasional youthful toke and their ears will perk up and a story (or two) will follow," said Trevar Mazza, one of Chemistry's founders and its Chief Marketing Officer. "We were so stoked to find this particular strain—it's a true old school classic."

Chemistry manufactures hand-selected, small batches of unique cannabis strains from some of Northern California's best cultivation teams into a variety of different full-spectrum cannabis products, including vape cartridges.

The company strives to stay true to the plant, taking only what it gives during the proprietary manufacturing process. In other words, Chemistry thoughtfully captures all the biomolecular goodness responsible for lighting up your brain in interesting ways—and gently refines out all the other stuff.

"What's really interesting about this batch is its cannabinoid profile," said Paul Roethle, Chemistry's other founder and its Chief Executive Officer. "We were expecting to see elevated levels of CBD if the genetics were a true Panama Red lineage, but were amazed to see the profile come back with a nearly one to one ratio of CBD to THC."

Most cannabis back in the '70s had much higher levels of CBD because that particular molecule—same one that's all the rage now—hadn't been removed via selective breeding techniques to achieve the crazy high THC-dominant cannabis seen in today's market. The seeds used to grow Chemistry's Panama Red were brought back by a Peace Corps volunteer in the early '70s after a mission to the strain's namesake. And this particular phenotype was selected because of its balanced cannabinoid profile.

"I really love the story this release animates," said Mazza. "It's a stellar education on the history and evolution of this wonderful plant."

"It gets you pretty high too," added Waldo Dave. "Panama Red might not be the strongest vape on the market, but don’t underestimate its euphoric effects—it may just rob your head."

Don't miss your chance to meet the founding fathers of 420 on weed's high holiday! Join Chemistry and the Waldos on their safari around the Bay Area on April 20th. Schedule below.


1:30 - 2:15pm

2465 Telegraph Avenue

Berkeley, CA

Apothecarium Castro

3pm - 3:45pm

2029 Market Street

San Francisco, CA

Vapor Room

4pm - 4:45pm

79 9th Street

San Francisco, CA


1971: A Vintage Cannabis Experience can be found at the following licensed California retailers:

Solful (Sebastopol)

Apothecarium Castro (San Francisco)

Apothecarium Marina (San Francisco)

Apothecarium SOMA (San Francisco)

MaryGold Delivery (East Bay)

SCVA (Santa Cruz)

F Street Dispensary (Davis)

Dixon Wellness Center (Dixon)

Sespe Creek (Ojai)

Buds & Roses (Los Angeles)

Exhale Med Center (Los Angeles)

Herbarium (Los Angeles)

Buds & Roses (Los Angeles)

Erba (Los Angeles)

99 High Tide (Malibu)

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