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Better Know a Terpene: Pinene

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Terpene: Pinene

Type: Monoterpene

Found In: Conifers, Rosemary, Basil

Flavor: Pine, Rosemary, Fresh

Aroma: Woodsy, Green Pine

Effect: Alert, Focused, Calm

Pinene is the most common terpenoid found in nature. And while pinene naturally repels insects, humans tend to experience a calm but alert effect from the pine-fresh monoterpene. Pinene has also been shown to counteract the paranoia, anxiety and memory loss people occasionally feel while under the embrace of our favorite flower. Familiar with that feeling? Give a cultivar higher in pinene a try.

Pinene also has gastro-protective effects, especially in regards to ulcers. A 2015 study on mice found that a-pinene substantially reduced ethanol-induced ulcers in mice. In fact, its results were comparable to the effects of Ranitidine, a frequently prescribed antacid. Another study in 2011 concluded that pinene has anti-IBV properties, meaning that it works against the anti-infectious bronchitis virus. Pinene even acts as a potent anti-inflammatory, and has been cited as a potential candidate to use as a new drug for inflammatory diseases.

Besides all of its wonderful benefits, pinene simply adds great flavor and effect to the vaping experience. Chemistry full-spectrum vapes high in pinene pair well with long woodland hikes and rustic camping trips with old friends. So get out there and explore! See ya on the trail.

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