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Fresh, Never Frozen : Project Fusion.

best infused pre rolls 2021

Why Fresh, Never Frozen?

For one, we wanted our first round of live extracts to be as fresh as possible. How’d we do it differently? Glad you asked. We woke up with the roosters and the sunrise to harvest fresh cannabis with our farmers. After spending the early morning getting our fingers sticky with trichomes, we processed the weed immediately to capture the freshest essence of the plant. You should have smelled those fresh terps! It was like being in a room full of fresh, blooming flower.

Sonoma Hills Farm
Waking up with the sun at Sonoma Hills Farm.

Did you really expect us to do live the same way as everyone else? No way. We have always been committed to our favorite saying - Stay True to The Plant™️ with these products just like all the other products we’ve released. We took time to dial in our process and game plan (maybe too much time? Oh well, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done). We geeked out on the cool data we were generating that has given us a deeper understanding of the plant, the fusion of live profile extracts and perfectly cured flower, and all the molecules that create the nuance of each strain’s entourage effect. Weed is so cool.

Moongazer Farms

The most exciting part of all of this? That we successfully found ways to eliminate the need for ever freezing fresh cannabis. We believe this is important for two reasons:

  • First, energy. No need for freezer trucks or loads of dry ice … plus, we wanted to leave all the freezing options open for COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution.

  • Second, fresh is better. Do you like your salmon or steak to be frozen before you cook and eat it? We don’t either. So we never froze the cannabis that went into making Project Fusion products, and it makes a difference, trust us.

How we do infused pre-rolls differently.

At Chemistry, one of the fundamental practices that we’re committed to in order to develop the best infused pre roll is via our single-origin, single-cultivar approach. We’ve never seen it, have you? Harvested from one farm, extracted from one strain, infused into one pre-roll - all the same weed! Each unique strain was grown under the sun, by some of the finest cultivators in the land. And we have kick ass genetics too.

Fun Fact: Team Grow-Off.

During the crazy-ass summer of 2020 and being stuck at home more than ever, we turned our lemons into lemonade. The whole Chemistry team (attempted) to grow at least one plant at home in the East Bay. It all started with our VP Weed Man, Jimmy, working with the Moon Made Farms crew to pick some new genetics for the season, and ended with our team trying their hands at their first little harvest. We all received cuts (from Tina’s personal garden of course) of the same Forbidden Watermelonz in our first release. That distinctive Forbidden scent came out early on.

We can’t report that everything went perfectly. There were battles with some caterpillars and challenges with nutrient balancing. But, most of us made it to harvest and were proud to smoke and share our bounty. The winning plant yielded almost a whole pound! In the end, we all certainly gained a deeper appreciation for all that our farmers do. It may just be a weed, but she needs lots of love and attention.

Why we are committed to regenerative & sungrown farming practices:

  • It goes beyond organic.

    • Did you know that due to regulations, cannabis is unable to use the organic designation?

  • We strive to use all Sun+Earth certified flower.

  • We’re working on becoming a Sun+Earth certified manufacturer.

  • Our responsibility to this land.

    • We take this very seriously. Every decision we make is through a lens of sustainability and impact on Mother Earth, along with justice - environmental, criminal, social, and racial justice.

Sustainability and Sustainable Cannabis.

Quality is paramount, and experience is super important to us. The big question was, how do we package a pre-roll in a sustainable way that keeps it as fresh possible? This is a challenge that we admit we didn’t do perfectly on our initial releases. Our joints are in a plastic tube. Based on the realities of packaging regulations (hello child resistant packaging) and wanting to provide fresh pre-rolls, we had to resort to a less-than ideal option. But don’t you fret (we were fretting a little bit), because we finally found a better option! Stay tuned for our new and improved, sustainable pre-roll packaging going live later this year.

What makes Project Fusion different:

  • No freezer trucks or dry ice.

  • Regenerative farming.

  • Sungrown flower.

  • Single origin infused.

  • Small batch from unique California terroir.

  • Each strain is a first release from a different appellation.

Foothill River Farms
Foothill River Farms.

Cannabis for a Cause.

In these times, we recognize that it's not enough for us to just release a new line of products. We feel a huge responsibility to continue to give back to our community in ways that are meaningful to us. 1% of sales from Project Fusion will be going to SuperNova Women (People) and another 1% to Sun+Earth (Mother Earth).

SuperNova Women - A Space for Women of Color in Cannabis

Supernova is an organization formed by and for women of color in 2015 with the goal of utilizing our diverse talents to empower our people to become self sufficient shareholders in the evolving cannabis economy. Supernova is founded with the mission to foster community empowerment through education, advocacy and network building. Supernova Women fosters a safe space for hard conversations, and will amplify the messages of our constituents at the local, state, and national level.

Sun+Earth Certification

Sun+Earth Certified is dedicated to shifting the cannabis cultivation industry toward a cleaner, healthier, and more ethical future. A first-of-its-kind nonprofit certification for regenerative organic cannabis, the Sun+Earth seal is based on a rigorous set of standards for cannabis grown in the soil of mother earth, under the sun, by fairly paid farmers and farm workers.


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