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Chemistry Visits: The Soul of Sonoma Hills Farm’s “Pink Jesus”

The beauty in our fight to normalize marijuana is that we are challenged to infuse every part of our mundane lives with her magic. As we travel deeper into the abyss of 2020, many of us have been forced into silos, unable to physically connect with our elders, and left to wonder: what in God's name is our world coming to? Our isolation has forced us to accept an undeniable universal truth: as above, so below; as within, so without. In other words, what we allow to penetrate our minds, bodies, and souls impacts our worlds in more ways than one, and it is our responsibility to be intentional about everything we do.

“I do believe every season has its own lessons,” shared Aaron Keefer who is the VP of Cultivation at Sonoma Hills Farm. After graduating from culinary school and moving to California, Aaron began cultivating cannabis under Prop 215, which allowed him to provide top-shelf medical medical marijuana for dispensaries including Apothecarium, Grassroots and Peace in Medicine (now known as SPARC). “Cannabis actually was what led me to be interested in growing other plants. And I’m thankful that I have been working and watching cannabis for a while, which made the transition both exciting and easier.”

Before working with Sonoma Hills Farm, Aaron spent 10 years working as a culinary gardener for The French Laundry where he cultivated his infatuation for Mother Earth through gardening. Having had the tremendous opportunity to provide high-quality produce for life-changing meals while working with Chef Thomas Keller, Aaron was confident that he could translate the same high-quality experience and care through cannabis cultivation.

Because of Aaron’s extensive culinary gardening background and compassionate cultivation of the cannabis plant, it was a match made in heaven when he became the VP of Cultivation and Production for the farm.

“Sonoma Hills Farm was founded on the premise that cannabis deserves a seat at the table, literally,” said Founder and CEO Mike Harden. “Our goal has been to create a cultural and educational intersection of cannabis and traditional agriculture. To bring our vision to life, we chose a 40-acre farm located in Northern California’s famed Petaluma Gap, a premier wine terroir and appellation. After a couple years of effort, in October 2019 we were granted the first one-acre conditional use permit for a cannabis grow in Sonoma County. This license marked a significant milestone for cannabis cultivation in California wine country. From there, we have not looked back - only forward - with the intent to deliver on our premise and promise.”

Activities like gardening may seem unexciting in 2020, but being able to go back to traditional practices is a bold act of intention that we don't see too often in our wired world. Sonoma Hills Farm uses traditional farming methods that create an environment that normalizes the plant.“When you see this plant being grown next to corn, potatoes, kale, and flowers you realize it is just another plant and not something nefarious or dangerous. My goal here at Sonoma Hills Farm is to show that cannabis is a craft product like fine wine, cigars, and whiskey,” said Aaron.

There is a collective 40+ years of cultivation experience on the team, but this is Sonoma Hills Farm’s first year harvesting on their West Petaluma canopy. Chemistry was more than excited to partner with them on their first pre-roll!

“Chemistry’s commitment to sun-grown cannabis and whole plant extraction produces an oil that is as close to the natural flower as one can evoke. They are also awesome folks and our biggest hope for the cannabis community is to build this industry alongside companies like Chemistry that serve the plant with integrity and playfulness,” shared Sonoma Hills Farm COO Joyce Cenali.

Being able to bring more intentional products into our spaces is how we can begin to shift from mundane to amazing. Enter: the premier Sonoma Hills Farm x Chemistry “Pink Jesus” single origin pre-roll infused with live resin!

“Pink Jesus is a Sonoma Hills Farm favorite. With notes of lavender and raspberry, this Sativa-leaning hybrid brings a fully enveloping body high paired with a lifted cerebral experience,” said Aaron.“The Pink Jesus flower maturation period is earlier in the season than most other strains, and its bright color and fragrant smell draws people in. When you walk the garden [amongst] the sea of green hues, Pink Jesus is a stand out that beckons all guests.”

The Pink Jesus terpene profile is meant to spark joy and euphoria, while encouraging all the stress to melt away from your body. Full of terpenes like Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Humulene, Pinene, Nerolidol, and Eucalyptol, the strain has the potential to relieve pain and anxiety, treat seizures, reduce cholesterol, and fight cancer.*

The birth of Pink Jesus is all about spreading positive vibes. Part of the proceeds from Pink Jesus will benefit Openhouse SF. The organization creates opportunities for LGBTQ+ seniors to build and reconnect with the community to ensure LGBTQ seniors are housed, safe, and cared for.

It’s clear: before we enter 2021, we all need to baptize our minds, bodies, and souls with the energetic and physical blessings that Pink Jesus promises to provide.

Written by: Lyneisha Watson

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