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Chemistry Vape Cartridges Are 100% Cannabis and Free of Additives

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

We do not use additives or adulterants in our products. Never have. Never will.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has identified unknown “chemical exposure” as the likely cause of the vape-related lung illness outbreak across the country. And the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has gone a step further, pointing to vitamin E acetate as the possible culprit. The oily lipid has been identified by Leafly as a common cutting agent used since late 2018 in cannabis vaporizers purchased outside legal, well-regulated markets.

Chemistry’s mission is to Stay True to the Plant.™ We take what the plant gives. Nothing more. Nothing less. Our full-spectrum vapes are 100% cannabis-derived and completely free of additives. Chemistry’s 2nd Pillar is Love the Plant, Respect the Science. Our entire team cares too much for this wonderful plant to mess around with Mother Nature’s perfection.

Furthermore, the cannabis used in all of our full-spectrum products has been grown under the California sun using organic farming techniques by some of Northern California’s most respected craft cultivators.

We have always (pre-regulation too) rigorously tested our products for pesticide contamination, heavy metals and residual solvents during all key stages of the manufacturing process. Cannabis products purchased at a licensed retailer in California are the most heavily regulated and tested on the planet. In fact, products purchased from a state-licensed retailer here in the Golden State are cleaner than most of the produce at your local market.

Furthermore, inhaling thoughtfully manufactured cannabis oil from high quality hardware is arguably just as safe, if not more so, than smoking cannabis. Despite the toxins and carcinogens released during combustion, humans have been safely smoking the plant’s flower for millennia to inhale its therapeutic agents. Chemistry’s gentle methods were designed to preserve a complete profile of those therapeutic agents while filtering out the crude plant matter that creates undesirable compounds once combusted.


Ultimately, the real issue at play here is that many manufactured cannabis products are not properly regulated (nor researched) due to the plant’s status as a Schedule I narcotic by the federal government. Consumers are buying illicit market vapes contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, micro contaminants and unscrupulous cutting agents like Vitamin E acetate because they have no other option. Cutting agents seem to be the culprit with this national outbreak of lipid pneumonia, but the other contaminants pose a clear danger to consumer health too. Prohibition is a public safety issue, plain and simple.


If cannabis vapes are banned in legal states, this issue will only become even more exacerbated over time. Consumers will have no other choice than to purchase from the illicit market instead of a well-regulated supply chain. History does tend to repeat itself. This is no different than bathtub gin sickening people during alcohol prohibition.

Now's the time to federally decriminalize and properly regulate cannabis – not ban a product that's arguably safer than combusting plant matter into your lungs when manufactured with love and intention.

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Leafly and David Downs have been tracking this issue very closely. Check out the following links for a deep dive…


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