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Your love and support of Chemistry’s mission + products has led us to extend an invitation for you to join our referral program! Through our direct-to-consumer (D2C) delivery platform, we’re able to create a custom discount code for you to share with your audience, and be rewarded in credits towards your future Chemistry purchase(s). 🤩

How it works.

  • A custom coupon code for your audience to save 30% off their first (2) Chemistry delivery orders ($100 minimum).

  • You’ll receive $10 store credit for each order a customer places utilizing your coupon code (up to 5x).

  • You can send your referral code to as many people as you’d like!

  • There is a store credit cap of $25 – meaning you will only be able to use up to $25 of credit per order you place.

  • You’ll be able to login to your own dashboard to track your credit balance.

  • Our delivery platform, and subsequently your referral code, is only available within California – we’re available in most metros throughout the state, but may be unavailable in some areas.

  • Users looking to place an order with your referral code must…    

    • Be 21+ with a valid driver's license.

    • Have a valid cell phone number to login and receive delivery updates.

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