Moon Made Farms

County: Humboldt

Appellation: Palo Verde
Owner: Tina Gordon


Instagram: @moonmadefarms
Chemistry Products: Serpentine, Harle-Tsu, Purple Punch, Paradise Punch, Birthday Cake, Rainmaker, Huckleberries, Tsunami Dog, Grease Monkey, Jack Herer, Forbidden Fruit, Forbidden Watermelonz

Located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, Moon Made Farms is guided by lunar and natural farming. By cherishing not only this plant but the land on which it is grown, Moon Made cultivates high terpene balanced and uplifting flowers.

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Alpenglow Farms

County: Humboldt
Appellation: Benbow

Owner: Craig and Melanie Johnson

Instagram: @alpenglowfarms707
Chemistry Products: Trident, Blue Diamondz, Blood Orange Kush, Charlie Girl, Coyote Blue

Melanie and Craig Johnson have spent the last two decades learning the fine art of growing a garden and the family in the mountains of Southern Humboldt. As a PURE Certified farm, their small scale craft cannabis reflects their passion and continuous commitment toward regenerative farming.

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Croft Farms

County: Mendocino
Appellation: Anderson Valley

Owner: Michael Croft

Instagram: @croftfarmsofficial
Chemistry Products: Star Killer, Blue Cookies, Wifi 3D, Doc's OG, Do-Si-Glue

Croft Farms is nestled in the Western Highlands of Anderson Valley, Mendocino County. The farm sits amongst California's finest Pinot Noir vineyards, in a microclimate perfectly suited for some of the best grape and cannabis cultivation found anywhere on Earth.

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Lazy Moon Ranch

County: Mendocino
Appellation: Willits

CEO: Jonah Ward


Instagram: @lazymoonranch
Chemistry Products: AC/DC, Pink Puma

Lazy Moon Ranch is a legacy cannabis farm located on a historic homestead in Mendocino County. The farm utilizes alternative energy and regenerative farming practices such as permaculture and hügelkultur to produce its pristine, sun-grown flower.

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Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.02.23 PM.png
Radicle Herbs

County: Mendocino
Appellation: Round Valley

Owner: Blaire and Daniel AuClair


Instagram: @radicleherbs
Chemistry Products: Blue Kush, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Strawnana Frosting

Radicle Herbs believes it is their role as farmers to enliven and feed the soil to create a space for plants and animals to fully express and live into their true being.

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Moon Gazer Farms

County: Mendocino

Appellation: Redwood Valley
Owner: Josh and Sandra Khankhanian

Instagram: @moongazerfarms

Chemistry Products: Dog Named Tsu, Gas and Roses

Moon Gazer Farms is a small family farm in Mendocino County, CA. Their cannabis is grown from seed, under the full sun and moon, in the soil of mother earth among a symphony of diverse life.

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Rebel Grown

County: Humboldt

Appellation: Palo Verde
Owner: Dan Pomerantz


Instagram: @rblgrwn
Chemistry Products: 99 Cookies, Double OG Chem

Rebel Grown stands for those who live and preserve the cannabis lifestyle. The Rebel Grown team are not mild enthusiasts—they are the rebels of the past with a lifelong dedication to their craft.

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Lady Sativa

County: Humboldt

Appellation: Benbow
Owner: Richard Anderson

Instagram: @ladysativafarm707
Chemistry Products: Lady Benbow, XJ-13, Orange Berry Cookies

Lady Sativa’s mission is to produce farm products the natural way that reflect a diverse and stable ecosystem. Lady Sativa is inspired by nature in all that they do.

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County: Mendocino

Appellation: Covelo


Instagram: @wildlandcannabis
Chemistry Products: Electric Jah

Wildland produces only the finest organic, sustainable and heirloom strains. They believe small agriculture is where you can find the best products grown with love and care for each and every plant. This is a level of care and quality that is obvious in each and every bud Wildland produces.

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SHF Seal.png
Sonoma Hills Farm

County: Sonoma

Owner: Mike Harden

Instagram: @sonomahillsfarm

Chemistry Products: Pink Jesus, Spyrock OG, Banana Kush

Sonoma Hills Farm is a premium craft cannabis farm and culinary garden on 40-acres of land in the Sonoma Valley’s Petaluma Gap appellation, one of the nation’s premier wine terroirs.

Sonoma Hills Farm strives to be a cultural and educational intersection of small farm cannabis and traditional agriculture. The farm will cultivate and produce world-class cannabis for people who are passionate about the plant, from discerning consumers to those in the high-end culinary and hospitality industries.


County: Mendocino

Owner: Ben and Marley

Instagram: @esensiagardens

Chemistry Products: Magic Wand, Hibiscus

Esensia Gardens is an Emerald Cup award-winning brand that specializes in producing the highest quality organic cannabis. With a focus on unique genetics that are developed through in-house breeding and phenotype selection programs, we aim to offer exceptional medicine cultivated with the utmost care.

Briceland Forest Farm

County: Humboldt


Instagram: @bricelandforestfarm

Chemistry Products: Vanilla Frosting

Briceland Forest farm is a small multi-generation market farm and homestead in the hills of Southern Humboldt County. We Live and farm with the goal of not only sustaining but improving and restoring the land we live and grow on through our practices.

The Bud Farm
The Bud Farm

County: Nevada 

Owner: Scott Galbraith

Instagram: @thebudfarm

Chemistry Products: Lemon Cake

The Bud Farm was established to enter harmony with the land. The plants are grown straight in the ground under the full sun not he same hill as award winning grapes. Using biodynamic practices, The Bud Farm is a model of sustainability and conscious growing.

Foothill River Farms
Foothill River Farms

County: Nevada


Instagram: @foothill_river_farms

Chemistry Products: Super Lemon Haze, AC/DC, Medihaze

or 15 years, Foothill River Farms has been cultivating high-quality cannabis strains that provide the most effective health benefits. In that time, they've seen patients’ symptoms minimized and diagnoses reversed. They are second-generation family farmers that bring legacy cannabis culture, values and practices into the new commercial marketplace. They take great pride in their work and focus on producing the cleanest, purest, most sustainable cannabis possible to help people feel better and improve their well-being.