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A Message From Our CEO on Vaping

Chemistry's Commitment to Quality & Transparency


First off, thanks for continuing to support Chemistry, full-spectrum products, and craft, sun-grown cannabis. We appreciate your belief in our mission.

Providing consumers access to high quality, safe and thoroughly tested cannabis products has been our most important guiding principle since founding our company in 2015. For those who don't know me, I want to share a little about my background and Chemistry’s ethos. I have a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, studied unique plant-derived molecules (somewhat like cannabinoids) at UC Berkeley, and worked on treatments for HIV and hepatitis at Gilead.

At Chemistry, we fundamentally believe cannabis is medicine. Monotherapy and pharmaceuticals should not be the only therapeutic options. This is something I believe in strongly and take very seriously. With the recent vaping-related health incidents in the news, we've been even more focused on this principle.

Chemistry has proactively gone above and beyond state testing requirements to demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing quality products. We have too much respect for this plant to dilute our cannabis extracts or adulterate what Mother Nature perfected and our partner farms have worked so hard to create. Our vapes are 100% cannabis-derived and additive-free. We have also very carefully selected the hardware to ensure it safely delivers our full-spectrum oil free of contaminants.

To further test the safety of our vapes, we worked with our third-party distributor and testing lab to generate trustworthy data in line with the Title 16 testing process. A representative sample of each Chemistry cartridge currently on the market was picked up from our distributor (in sealed, final packaging) by our testing lab and tested for vitamin E acetate. As you likely know, Vitamin E acetate has been identified as one of the possible diluents playing a role in this recent epidemic.

All of our vapes tested at non-detectable levels for Vitamin E acetate with the limit of detection (LOD) at 5 ppm. 

Here’s a direct link to those results:

One of our pillars is to be Open, Honest and Transparent. This is our promise that we’ll always go above and beyond to relay important information to you. We stand behind our products.

There is no doubt that our industry still has a long way to go in understanding the power and potential of cannabis and cannabis products. And while we’ve come a long way with safety testing here in California’s regulated market, we still have work to do. It’s time to have an honest dialog on the potential safety concerns surrounding new product categories as well.

We can’t allow this current crisis (and the propaganda it’s generating) to undo the tremendous progress our industry has made to date. As this article in Forbes said so well, hysteria never leads to sound public policy. I really believe that this is another opportunity for our industry to band together to show California and the entire world that legalization and regulation is the answer–not prohibition. And it doesn't stop with cannabis.

Our team is always available to discuss any questions you might have about our products. You can contact us via or message us on Instagram via @trychemistry.

We're grateful for your support.

All the best, Paul Roethle, Ph.D. Founder, CEO


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