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Chemistry Visits: Finding New Life On An Old Vineyard At Bud Farm

Bud Farm resides on a hill in Nevada County, in the Sierra Foothills at an elevation of 2,600 feet. Located in Northern California (and not Nevada, as this Cali native learned), this region stays dry and hot most of the year. The rains don’t come until November, and long sunny days make mold and mildew issues less likely, creating the kind of microclimate that cannabis plants - and sativas especially - love.

As long as the soil is just right.

In 2019, Bud Farm found its dream location in a twenty-five-acre farm that produced award-winning wines for roughly two decades. Not only did the family-run operation close out its first year with a successful harvest; they did so after building their cannabis garden in an empty field surrounded by the old growth vines of a former vineyard. It’s a process that can take up to five years, I’m told.

But for a self-proclaimed former “renegade indoor grower” who got plenty of practice growing back in the day in his Oakland garage, starting this farm in this location was about something much bigger.