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Chemistry Visits: Sustainability Takes Root at Radicle Herbs

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A radicle is the first root to emerge when a seed starts the process of germination. This primary embryonic root exists in all seeds, extending deep into the soil to take in water and initiate a process that will someday lead to a fully realized plant. It’s a word that carries profound meaning for Blaire and Daniel, partners in life who co-founded Radicle Herbs upon entering cannabis farming the old fashioned way: unexpectedly.

“We actually met here in Covelo, in this tiny little town,” Blaire said. The Venice Beach native met Massachusetts transplant Daniel when they found themselves in Round Valley seeking farming opportunities. The two shared mutual backgrounds in biodynamic animal and vegetable farming, and had both travelled to places like Sacramento and Hawaii in pursuit of agricultural work. But Covelo was something altogether different.

“I had no idea of the cannabis mecca that Covelo was when I moved up here,” she said with a laugh. “I definitely feel like it drew me to grow it. It wasn’t necessarily something I headed towards but I feel like it enticed me.” It’s a sentiment echoed by Daniel. “I really think that cannabis has guided me in many ways even though at times I didn’t know where the road was leading,” he said.

The rich agricultural history of the Round Valley was a powerful draw. The region became prime agricultural land after its community stepped in to halt plans for flooding the area to build a dam back in the 1970s. “All agriculture is healing,” Daniel mused. “What drew us to this place is that farmers have a role to play in shaping the future, and Round Valley is a microcosm of the macrocosm.”

After years of working on biodynamic farms and trimming for others, something larger took root once Blaire and Daniel bought land of their own. “All the gardening and farming that I had been doing was missing something and I didn’t quite know what it was,” Daniel said. “Cannabis in the garden was it. Cannabis brings a kind of grace and a real regal feel to the garden.”

On a mission to demonstrate how important agriculture is to society, Radicle Herbs uses sustainable farming practices that begin with growing their herb under the watchful, all-knowing eye of the cosmos. “There are things happening in nature that humans are unable to understand at this point of our consciousness,” Blaire said. “[Plants] are experiencing all the starlight, all the moonlight, all the planet light–all those lights are really important for formation and growth, and that’s something that’s not happening with indoor cultivation.”

Whether growing from seed or experimenting with clones, Daniel explained that the goal is to always let nature do its thing. “Plants go through a life cycle, they want to go to seed,” he said. “To keep strength and vitality in the crops we always need to honor that full cycle, and make sure that we are paying homage to pollination and seed formation, and then to the sprouting of the seeds.”

Tapping the roots of biodynamics and regenerative farming that led them to Covelo in the first place, Radicle’s animals provide fertility while an array of diverse plants grown on the farm naturally enliven the soil, helping the farm to create living systems to reduce the need for store-bought products. It’s because of these practices that the entire property is Demeter Certified Biodynamic, going beyond organic. “As opposed to places that are just bringing in all their soil, bringing in all their input, it’s really important to us that we’re creating fertility on-farm with our animals and our plants,” Blaire explained. “We’re really creating that terroir, that growth of origin in the land we’re cultivating.”

This commitment to sustainability is why we looked to Radicle Herbs for not one, but two full-spectrum Chemistry products. Blue Kush is the first–an active, uplifting vape perfectly suited for daytime. “I use it as a daily inspiration to get work done and have insights around the farm,” Daniel said of the herb that inspired the cartridge. “I feel like it quiets my inner chatter and allows me to see the bigger picture.”

Chemistry also sourced Radicle’s non-psychoactive Harle-Tsu CBD strain to create a tincture to help consumers address ailments like pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. “Harle-Tsu is very calming,” Daniel said. “If I’ve had a long day and I’m still wired when it’s time to sleep, I’ll take some and have a very restful night.”

At the end of the day, Radicle Herbs feels fortunate to be among a community of farmers dedicated to creating a positive impact not only on agriculture, but the cannabis industry at-large. “Farmers are actually at the forefront of creating what is going to be,” Daniel said. “Legislation is having to listen to this strong band of people, and there’s a network of farmers banding together who realize that they have a role to play. I think the world needs more farmers, and this is ushering that in.”

Radicle Herbs is making the world a better place, one plant at a time.

Written by: Kaisha-Dyan McMillan

IG: @ahsiak


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