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Emerald Cup 2019 💚

We are still reeling from two days of weed, smiles, collaborations, a comically large vape pen, and WINS.

Emerald Cup 2019 was a whirlwind of a weekend, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing community and partnerships. We took home 2 first place awards, and our gratitude and excitement is through the smoke filled roof.

🏆 Electric Jah - First Place CBD Cartridge.

Grown by: WildLand Farms

🏆 Lady Benbow - First Place CBD Tincture.

Space Coyote spent some time in our lounge, chatting about our newest joint collaboration. 2 High CBD joints infused with Chemistry extracts. Have you tried them yet?

Alpenglow Farms hung out with us and shared some of his newest crop with all the friends hanging on the couches.

Cheers to an incredible end to 2019, and start to 2020. Stay tuned, there’s fun stuff to come.

To read more about our award winning farm partnerships, head to these blog posts:


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