• Chemistry.

Full Spectrum Optimism & Fast Acting Emulsions

Chemistry x Daytrip have launched their inaugural partnership with a focus on happiness. Inspired by Chemistry’s Moods tinctures, and Daytrip’s trademark terpene-infused cannabis beverages, the two California brands have come together to delight the senses with a 3 flavor THC gummy collection.

Multiple factors went into creating the truly unique gummies from Daytrip x Chemistry. Starting with the root of the partnership is everyone’s favorite plant, cannabis! From Chemistry’s belief that it all starts with fairly sourced sun grown flower to Daytrip’s desire to pay attention to all cannabinoids, the two brands are able to give a desired entourage effect through their full spectrum approach.

By utilizing Chemistry’s full-spectrum cannabis oil, we are able to deliver a full spectrum experience in every bite: showcasing the plant’s full character and effects, from unique cannabinoid profiles to exquisit terpene and flavonoid profiles.

Chemistry’s ultra-premium cannabis oil is then nano-emulsified using next-level technologies courtesy of Vertosa. This breaks the molecules down to sizes that can be absorbed far faster than conventional edibles. You’ll feel the effects quickly, allowing you to better control your exact level of mood elevation. Say goodbye to the days of ‘I’m not feeling anything.’