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    This heavy Sativa hails from the classic Spyrock area of Mendocino. Pure OG, fuel, and spice; a rocketship of a strain that will take over your head and make you forget about any stresses hanging around from the day. 

    A classic diesel scent, with a peppery pine flavor, Spyrock OG offers an uplifting, energetic high, mixed with a deep body relaxation. A great option to give your mood a boost, help you tap into your creativity and leave you happy and high without the daze.


    TYPE: Sativa

    THC: 32.56%

    CANNABINOIDS: 36.58%


    GROWN BY: Sonoma Hills Farm

    REGION: Sonoma

    LINEAGE: SFV OG x Unknown OG

    RELEASE DATE: 4/1/2021

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