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Better Know a Terpene: Myrcene

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Terpene: Myrcene

Type: Monoterpene

Found In: Mango, Lemongrass, Wild Thyme, Hops

Flavor: Citrus, Spice, Earth

Aroma: Tropical, Clove, Musk

Effect: Sedating, Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory

Long day and desperately need to relax? Reach for a cultivar high in myrcene, one of the most common (and abundant) terpenes found in the cannabis plant. Not only is myrcene great for relaxation and sleep, studies suggest it also improves immune function and helps with chronic pain.

Traditional medicine has been using the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of myrcene for many years, chiefly through plant-derived essential oils that contain high levels of myrcene in conjunction with other terpenes. In multiple studies, myrcene's antinociceptive effects were evaluated in mice by measuring their pain perception. And lo and behold, it was found that myrcene significantly lessened the perception of pain in the test subjects. Additionally, a study using essential oil high in myrcene found that tolerance to the treatment did not build. This is important to note because most commonly used antinociceptive drugs like morphine do cause tolerance to build.

Myrcene is also an entourage booster! The monoterpene lowers resistance across the blood-to-brain barrier and acts to increase the saturation levels of CB1 receptors with THC and other entourage molecules, which enhances the onset speed and intensity of the experience.

Although also found in many Sativa cultivars, myrcene is believed to cause the well known “couch lock” effect associated with heavy Indicas. So be sure to clear your schedule when indulging in a myrcene-dominant full-spectrum Chemistry vape or crystalline.

Chemistry Products Containing Myrcene:


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